Metal cabinets

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Wardrobes - for dressing rooms, changing rooms

Metal cabinets are versatile, practical and easily applicable in many areas
solution. Metal cabinets are chosen for many dressing rooms, wardrobes, changing rooms, they are installed in production, food industry, construction sector and other objects. This solution is one of the leading alternatives for storing and storing things, because changing cabinets are easy to maintain, easy to clean, they do not absorb odors and other dirt, it is easy to remove dust from them, they are quite resistant to the effects of the environment, and they do not wear out as quickly as other alternatives. The metal cabinet can be of different sizes, installed individually or connected to dressing room systems. We can always offer a rational and practical solution according to your needs, the specifics of the premises and operation. Dressing cabinets. High quality, solid construction. Choose the option that suits you.

Metal lockers for dressing rooms

In production facilities, food industry facilities, construction sites, laboratories and other places where it is necessary to change clothes after coming to work, metal lockers are usually chosen. Metal lockers are convenient to use, they can be functionally installed even in a small space, but by choosing such a model, every employee has a place to safely store the most important items and clothes.

Metal wardrobes for changing rooms

It is common to choose metal lockers for changing rooms in many entertainment centers, medical institutions and other facilities providing recreational services. They are compact, but capacious, so even a small changing room can comfortably fit all the things of a visitor or patient, as well as additional inventory. Metal cabinets are easy to disinfect and thus maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Residues of various creams, cosmetics or other similar substances are usually removed from their surface. The changing cabinets are resistant to moisture, so they can also be placed at the entrances to the swimming pool. Lockable alternatives ensure security and privacy. We are always ready to advise and together find the best solution for you.

Prices of metal cabinets

Metal wardrobes for dressing rooms and work wardrobes can be of different sizes and models. We always strive to offer solutions that best meet the client's needs. Each project and its prices are negotiated individually. We also offer retail sales of metal lockers. We invite you to choose and contact with us at any questions.